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RadiHeart introduces continuous blood pressure monitoring through PPG signals, providing real-time data for routine physiological management.

Currently, we are developing AI solutions for Arrhythmia, LVEF, and HRV functionalities.

RadiHeart is a revolutionary system that enhances cardiac care by providing accurate Continuous Blood Pressure Reading, Arrhythmia Detection, HRV Analysis, and LVEF Assessment.


Due to changes in lifestyle and diet, chronic diseases are becoming more prevalent.

Chronic conditions, such as hypertension and heart disease, are experienced by many individuals.

RadiRad aims to provide real-time physiological signal monitoring to transform patients' lives.

Given that patients with hypertension and heart disease require extended periods of blood pressure and heart rate data monitoring, traditional physiological signal tracking is limited by location and the constraints of blood pressure devices. 

As a solution to these unchanging factors, we have created RadiHeart.

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Current physiological condition monitor method

Physiological monitoring currently requires various devices, such as a pulse oximeter for measuring blood oxygen levels, a sphygmomanometer for blood pressure readings, and physiological monitors with EKG leads for electrocardiogram signals.

Blood pressure measurements typically fall into two categories: invasive and non-invasive.

In urgent situations such as hospitals or surgery rooms, invasive blood pressure monitoring is typically used, while non-invasive blood pressure monitoring is commonly used for everyday monitoring.

Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring has the following key characteristics:

  1. It requires the cuff to measure blood pressure, with the results representing a single measurement.

  2. Instruments used for blood pressure monitoring typically require calibration.

  3. Blood pressure monitors are generally inconveniently for carrying outside.

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Physiological condition monitor method with RadiHeart

RadiHeart uses deep learning algorithms to process PPG signals and convert them into ABP signals collected by pulse oximeters.

With the ABP signals, RadiHeart can calculate continuous blood pressure readings and also estimate the HRV values.

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Through RadiHeart, users can easily obtain continuous blood pressure & HRV evaluation.

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