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RadiRad Co., Ltd is delighted to announce the exciting launch of our groundbreaking product, "RadiSpine"!!

With great enthusiasm, we introduce RadiSpine to the market, offering a new era of spine analysis solutions and a promising outlook for the future of healthcare.

RadiRad Co., Ltd is delighted to announce the exciting launch of our groundbreaking product, "RadiSpine"!!


RadiSpine is an advanced AI software specifically designed for spine analysis, revolutionizing the way MRI images are processed and interpreted. Our cutting-edge technology enables the automatic segmentation of key structures, including intervertebral discs, dura sacs, and bones, in both sagittal and axial views. RadiSpine empowers healthcare professionals to provide precise diagnoses and personalized treatment plans by accurately identifying and localising damaged and degenerated disc segments.

We understand that patients often overlook signs of disc degeneration or damage until they experience severe pain. Traditional MRI diagnoses heavily rely on the expertise and experience of doctors, leading to potential misdiagnosis or unnecessary treatments with associated side effects. RadiSpine changes the game by utilizing AI algorithms to quantify precise data from MRI images, facilitating more accurate assessments and empowering doctors to make informed decisions based on objective measurements. Furthermore, RadiSpine enhances patient engagement by fostering a better understanding of their condition and treatment process. 

RadiSpine's exceptional features include:

  1. Efficiency: RadiSpine streamlines the analysis process by automating the segmentation of MRI images. This time-saving feature optimizes workflow efficiency, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on interpretation and personalized patient care.

  2. Accuracy: Powered by AI algorithms, RadiSpine generates precise measurements and eliminates the potential for human errors associated with manual segmentation. This enhances the reliability of diagnoses and treatment decisions, leading to improved patient outcomes.

  3. Quantitative Assessment: RadiSpine offers objective quantitative measurements, including disc height, volume etc. These metrics enable healthcare professionals to accurately assess the severity of conditions and track disease progression or treatment effectiveness over time.

  4. Research and Education: RadiSpine contributes to medical research by facilitating anonymized data collection and analysis. Researchers can gain insights into patterns and trends related to spinal conditions, leading to advancements in the field. Additionally, RadiSpine serves as an educational resource, providing interactive visualizations and case studies to train medical professionals in spine pathology understanding. 

We are proud to bring RadiSpine to the market, as it represents a significant milestone in spine analysis technology. Our user-friendly interface and seamless integration with existing hospital systems ensure a smooth and efficient user experience. 

With RadiSpine, we envision a future where spine analysis becomes more accurate, efficient, and patient-centred. Our commitment to innovation and improving healthcare outcomes drives us to continuously enhance the capabilities of RadiSpine and explore new possibilities in spine analysis.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey with RadiSpine, shaping the future of spine analysis and transforming the way healthcare professionals approach spinal care. Together, we can revolutionize the field and positively impact patients' lives.

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